Peru: La Fortuna - 12 oz


Peru: La Fortuna - 12 oz


This is our second year bringing in coffee from producer Wilson Olivera Bravo, one of our favorite producers in Northern Peru. Last year’s lot from Finca El Laurel, was one of our favorites of the 2016. All in all, Peru is an origin that is taking giant leaps each year, and we can’t get enough of the richly sweet, rounded fruit flavors from this origin. It’s one origin we’re making sure to get our feet on the ground in each year right now, and this coffee shows the reason why. 

Single-Origin Details:

  • Producer: Wilson Olivera Bravo, Finca La Fortuna 

  • Region: Huabal, Jaen, Cajamarca

  • Process: Washed

  • Varietal: Caturra, Catimor

  • Harvest: Aug-Oct 2016

  • Elevation: 1800 MASL

  • We taste: Sweet plantains, dates, white grape, butterscotch.

Bag size: 12 oz


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