Colombia: Cauca Decaf - 12 oz


Colombia: Cauca Decaf - 12 oz


We’re thrilled to bring you another stellar decaf, a coffee we are truly proud to feature along side our other great coffees. This coffee is part of our importer’s “Origin Select” program, in which they select the coffee BEFORE decaffeination in order to choose a quality coffee representative of its origin. While most decaf coffee is chosen simply to keep costs low (due to costs added by the processing), thus sacrificing quality, this coffee is instead chosen for quality’s sake. The coffee is then decaffeinated using the natural “ethyl acetate” method using a solvent derived from sugar cane, which is grown locally in Colombia, thus allowing processing to happen locally instead of in Europe. This helps balance the higher cost of choosing a better coffee.  Finally, this method is not only natural, but has proven to preserve much of the character of the original coffee. 

We Taste: Tangy and creamy with toffee and chocolate.

Single Origin Details:

  • Farm: Various Small Holders (part of our importer’s Origin Select program)

  • Region: Cauca

  • Variety: Caturra, Castillo

  • Process: Washed, Sugarcane E.A. Decaffeination

  • Elevation:  1300-1800 MASL

  • Harvest: Oct-Dec 2016

Bag Size: 12 oz.

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